Tips DIY Night Out

We would like to offer you, an overview on the party scene of Bucharest because after all, you are planning a weekend party here and need to know what to expect.  Our goal is to give you a better understanding about the nightlife here –  the pubs, the bars, the clubs, the trend – so that you come prepared and remember Bucharest as a great place for either a bachelor party or last minute getaway with your friends.

⚠️Have a plan: Make sure to have a plan before you go out, so you can make the best of your night out in Bucharest. Check the Nightlife Party Areas

Victoriei Boulevard– cocktail bars and lounges to start the evening

Dambovita River – on the riverbank your perfect view, in the middle of Bucharest to start the evening (between the National Library- Piata Unirii Square Central Park & Fountain)

Old Town – mass party

The North – premium clubbing Herastrau Lake

📌Research: Research the different clubs and bars in the city before you go; figure out which ones are worth the visit.

📌 Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. When you go travelling, how much money will you need? This question is a bit difficult because there are so many factors that contribute to the answer. Considerations such as your destination country, travel style and planned activities are the most important of them. Link cu party budget

Calculating a travel budget is an important part of your travel planning. Going out can be expensive, and you don’t want to run out of money halfway through the night.

💶 Bar/Club Prices:

🍺Beer: 4Eur

🍹Long Drinks: 6€

🍷Soft Drinks: 3€

🍾Bottle: from 60€

🥂 🍾Old City Clubs Bottle Service: 2 bottles minimum spend

Entrance fee: N/A in general, with the exception of special events or live concerts.

👖👞👔 Recommended dress code: casual (t-shirt, jeans).

🥂 🍾TOP Clubs Bottle Service: between 500€2000€ VIP Table minimum spend, 250€-1000€ REGULAR table minimum spend, depending on the club and night (Friday or Saturday)

Entrance fee: between 50lei-100lei (10€-20€)

👖👞👔 Recommended dress code: smart casual/elegant

🍽 Food Prices:

Urban food: Kebab-5€

💶 Average restaurant meal: OLD CITY AREA starting from:30€/pers

💶 Fine Dinning: NORTH UPSCALE AREA starting from: 50€/pers

The party budget for clubbing in Bucharest can vary depending on personal preferences and the number of people attending. However, here’s a rough estimate:

Entrance Fees: Club entrance fees in Bucharest usually range from 50 to 100 Romanian Lei (€10 – €20) per person.

Drinks: The cost of drinks in clubs can vary, but expect to pay around 15-30 Romanian Lei (€3 – €6) for a beer or cocktail.

Bottle Service: If you prefer bottle service, prices can range from 300 to 1,000 Romanian Lei (€60 – €200) depending on the brand and size of the bottle.

Transportation: Consider budgeting for transportation to and from the clubs. Taxi/Car Sharing fares in Bucharest are relatively affordable, with an average cost of 2.00 Romanian Lei per kilometer (€0.45 per kilometer).

VIP Packages and Special Events: If you’re interested in VIP packages or attending special events, prices can significantly vary. It’s best to contact the clubs directly or visit their websites for specific pricing details.

Overall, for a night out clubbing in Bucharest, a budget of around 200-500 Romanian Lei (€50 – €100) per person should be sufficient, depending on your preferences and spending habits.

📌Get Free Advice from PartyON. If you have already a plan in mind based on internet research, if there is something you aren’t sure about, we can discuss it and our experts will recommend improvements and identify any tourist traps/detail that might be challenging for your trip/itinerary.

🎯 Book Diy Nightout Rather than leaving the evening to chance and ending up in the wrong kind of place, DIY Night Tour can be a way of finding some of the best places to have fun. Tell us about your ideal night out and let us choose Bucharest’s best bars and hottest clubs to match it. If you have any special interests or requests we will be happy to tailor a tour/night out especially for you. Just let us know what you would like to see and we’ll customize one for you. You’ll have a clear idea of where you’re going and what you’re doing, which means less stress and more fun. Personal recommendations are often the most trustworthy

If you are part of a larger group – for ex: 10 people or more, especially men – it is recommended to use a guided service which can assist you in terms of entering or joining the club. Because of overcrowd, sometimes it can prove to be more difficult to get in, unless you have some local support.