Bucharest Party Culture Tips

Hassle Free Clubbing Experience

Romanian culture of going out is special here: it’s an important part of our daily and social lives: much like the French or Italians, our Latin blood makes us want to spend hours over coffee, drinks and late dinner, chatting about everything and nothing, as long as we’re with friends and having a good time in a cool place.

The answer is given by the local spirit and crave for entertainment. Because of the inner Latin spirit, Romanians enjoy making friendships and partying no matter what. And when they do everybody knows about it. That is why here, in Bucharest, you won’t have any problem finding clubs open at 5 or 6 in the morning. And if you still have enough energy, you can skip brunch and keep on partying till late afternoon in a few after hours urban delights.

The party environment is very safe – crime and safety should not be worried about

General club hours 12 – 6 am Party Starts at midnight before midnight you can have dinner in most of the venues. The party hours are late, up to 5 – 6 am. The usual time to go out is 11 pm, typically starting in bar mode and moving on to dancing from 12:30 on. In the summer season, people prefer staying outdoor until 1 am.

Club reservation & bottle service    

📌 It is necessary to book tables, especially for the busy weekends. A minimum spend is required in clubs with table service – bottles and mixers. Depending on the club profile, it starts from 70 EUR in small   clubs (minimum 1 bottle) and levels up to 250 – 500 EUR, in top clubs with Regular and VIP area.

📌 Demands are high for established clubs so make sure to reserve your table in advance, especially if you are coming as a group.

📌 Recommended arrival when booking tables – 12:00 at the latest.

Club Payment & Tips                                                                   

📌 Local payments are made in LEI (also known as RON).

📌 Both cash and card are accepted, but cash is still popular. The bill is usually paid at the end, but you may ask for it when once you cover the minimum spend required.

📌 Tips is not included in the bill, so tipping is common – the usual is 10 %, naturally according to the customer satisfaction. The tips are mostly paid cash.

Club Entrance Fee  

📌 In terms of entrance fees, keep in mind that some of the most popular locations host events on weekends, which may apply for entrance fees or pre ordered tickets, therefore, the best option would be to check online their events section before heading out to the actual location.

📌 Old Town venues don’t practice cover charge but a reservation is necessary.

📌 Top Clubs Entrance fee: between 50lei-100lei (10E-20E), complimentary admission if you have a VIP table reservation

Club Dress Code will depend on the type of club and area. Regular clubs allow a casual style t-shirt and jeans – while the glam clubs require a smart casual / elegant attire – shirt / classy jeans or trousers. Sporty ware is forbidden and should be avoided.

📌 Most popular bars and clubs in Bucharest operate a no all male group policy at the door. Is dependent on the discretion of the staff member at the door.

📌 Having your name on a guest list does not guarantee you and your guest entry to the bar or club, there are other factors at play, i.e. dress code, time of arrival, and most importantly your behavior and attitude.

Clubs dance floor The major difference between common clubs around Europe and the ones over here is how does dance floor looks like. Dance floors in all clubs are flooded with tables so, there is no proper dance floor and people dance around the tables. That is why it is necessary to have a reservation.

Important clubbing tips                                                                 

 Follow the dress code as well as the arrival hours recommended by the club to avoid losing your reservation.

❌ Do not try to enter the club drunk – even if you have a table booked, the bodyguards will not allow access.

❌ Improper behavior – shouting or disturbing other customers – will lead to eviction.

❌ Carriage of weapons or drugs is strictly forbidden. The drugs are illegal in Romania, so avoid inquires on the matter inside or outside the club.

❌ Make sure you don’t approach ladies who are attended by other men.

Happy clubbing!