Bucharest Top Clubs Bottle Service


⚠️Club Entrance is subject to reservation and guestlist. It is necessary to book tables!

📌 Special nights in clubs of Bucharest

Bucharest people like to party all the time, but there are particular days when the parties take a different level: These are usually very popular Holidays, when celebration is the word of the day and all the clubs or party places – from small to big – prepare something special. Besides the well expected New Year Eve Party and Easter Party – Orthodox Easter in Romania, 1 week later than the Catholic one – there are a few other special days celebrated here:

14th of February – Valentine’s Day (although Romanians have a similar celebration, but prefer the international one) – when all the clubs prepare specials for the couples.

1st and 8th March – special Woman’s Day at the start of the spring – when live concerts, special shows for the ladies or big events take place in almost everywhere in the city

1st of May – Labor Day – another Holiday – which also marks the unofficial opening season at the Romanian seaside, with the big clubs organizing parties there 

15th of August – Saint Mary Day – another Holiday by law – with outdoor places full of people

31st of October – Halloween Night special party

1st of December – The National Day, which is by law a nonworking day, with live parades in the street and venues fully open

31st of December – famous and trendy Romanian singers or groups are invited in the clubs for a full recital on that night. Whenever such special events take place, the top clubs usually charge a special entrance fee and table prices, since a certain organization is required.

In any of these dates, all the clubs organize special nights and the top ones invite special guests to put up truly memorable parties. So, if you plan to come to Bucharest on any of these days, you should expect to find a great holiday vibe in any popular corner of the city, which will make you understand once again that Romanians are truly party people.

📌 Most popular clubs in Bucharest: winter and summer clubs

One important thing to remember is that the clubbing in Bucharest is available all year long. From the small size dance floors in Old Town area, to electro music clubs around the center, special party venues and finally to the top dance clubs in the North, there is a constant flow of music, entertainment and party people.

Nevertheless, the clubs depend on the major seasonal trends: winter and summer. Bucharest looks different in both seasons and therefore the offer and general vibe change.  This applies mainly to the major big, large clubs which operate 2 venues depending on the season: the winter club and the summer club. The design and interior differ: the winter clubs are indoor, larger and decorated in slightly darker notes, while the summer clubs are outdoor, more luminous, some of them even white, so that they reflect the summer mood. The type of events also change while keeping the same level of entertainment and show grandeur.

If you come here in the summer, do not miss the daytime pool parties organized by the large pools in Bucharest – that means enjoying a modern, trendy pool while listening to live dance or house music, drinking and dancing by the pool.

🥂 🍾Bottle Service&Tips


VIP Bottle Service is the ultimate way to experience the Best of Bucharest Nightlife and Top Clubs. If you add up the costs of the drinks for you and your friends throughout an evening (which can and always adds up fast and before you know it). Then factor in the time you waited in line outside. The cover charge. The time you spent waiting at the bar. The tips for the bartender to get him to come back faster the next time. The fact that you lost your stand-up table in the corner when you went to the can. You can see why having your own little corner of a top club might be worthwhile.

Top Best 4 Advantages of PartyON Bottle Service:

✔️VIP line entry. PartyON Bottle Service reservations will grant you and your group VIP express entrance into the club. We reserved a table for you and your friends, so you walk right up to the entrance and get right in. Bottle service reservations guarantee easy entrance with no line-up.

✔️You are the bartender. Not only have you skipped the entire line, but you also benefit from your own private area and waitress. That means you won’t be squeezing your way to the bar to get some drinks or worse, spend twenty minutes cleaning the stains off of your shirt because half of your drink was spilled on you as you were trying to get back to your friends. Bottle Service also gives you the advantage of making your own drinks—with just as much alcohol as you’d like—because let’s face it, some of those bar-made drinks taste just like juice.

✔️ Your Own Private Space to Enjoy the Night

Keeping your friends together can be quite a difficult task, especially after you’ve all had a few drinks. Scenarios where one is ordering drinks while the others are partying are quite the norm and usually end with someone straying away from the bunch. Bottle service provides you with everything you need, all in one spot. Plus, you can’t deny the fact that having your own private space can really get a party going.

✔️PartyON Bottle Service saves you time, hassle, and money

Partying and saving money don’t usually go hand in hand. Shots and drinks can get quite expensive and can also be difficult to obtain if you’re with a big group. Chances are you’ll get a spot around the bar (if you’re lucky). And, since you can’t occupy the bar the entire night, you’ll order up a few rounds right away. Next thing you know, you’re down a hundred because you’ve had too much to drink and decided to buy the next round for everyone (including the random dude to the left). PartyON Bottle service is a great way to celebrate special occasions, without hurting your wallet. You can all split the costs and drink as much as you want. You’ll have more than enough to last you all night.

Here are some Bottle Service Tips:

📌 Minimum spend in Top clubs of Bucharest – Regular Table:250 €, VIP Table:500 €-only premium bottles.

📌 The more you are willing to spend on bottle service the better table location you will receive. Dance floor tables and those closest to the live performer or DJ will cost more than tables on the second story.

📌 You will almost always exceed your predicted minimum spend by 1.5x. As the night goes on and the drinking begins the alcohol can go fast. Plus you always meet new friends to share drinks with.

📌 Tell your waitress that only one person is in control of the ordering. This way the entire group isn’t able to start ordering and drive the bill up.

📌 Don’t wait until the last minute to make your bottle service reservation. Tables are in high demand. If you wait too long you could find that the venues are sold out.

📝What is Guest List

What does it mean by putting your name on the guest list? Does it mean you have been invited? Does it mean you get in for free?

For novice party goers’ the term guest list can be confusing, so we are going to try and explain what is actually meant by the phrase guest list and what the advantages are of getting on the guest list and how you can go about getting on a guest list.

You’re probably wondering why bars & clubs require a guest list and why people cannot just turn up as and when they please?

Well in most cases they can, but on other busier more popular days like the weekends and special event nights a guest list is in operation to help the bars & clubs control the numbers of guests.

The guest lists give the managers a good indication of whether the night is going to be busy or not and if they are going to need extra stock, staff or security.

As for party goers getting on the guest list for clubs has its advantages as it improves your chances of getting in without a long wait, but it’s not a guarantee.

It may also eliminate or reduce the cover charge at some clubs and not at others.

Having your name on a guest list does not guarantee you and your guest entry to the bar or club, there are other factors at play, i.e. dress code, time of arrival, and most importantly your behavior and attitude.