How expensive is to Party in Bucharest

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💶 Bar/Club Prices:

🍺Beer: 4€

🍹Long Drink: 6€

🍷Soft Drinks: 3€

🍾Bottle: from 60€

🥂 🍾Old City Clubs Bottle Service: 2 bottles minimum spend

Entrance fee: N/A in general, with the exception of special events or live concerts.

👖👞👔 Recommended dress code: casual (t-shirt, jeans).

🥂 🍾TOP Clubs Bottle Service: between 500€2000€ VIP Table minimum spend, 250€-1000€ REGULAR table minimum spend, depending on the club and night (Friday or Saturday)

Entrance fee: between 50lei-100lei (10€-20€)

👖👞👔 Recommended dress code: smart casual/elegant

🍽 Food Prices:

💶 Urban food: Kebab-5€

💶 Average restaurant meal: OLD CITY AREA starting from:30€/pers

💶 Fine Dinning: NORTH UPSCALE AREA starting from: 50€/pers

The party budget for clubbing in Bucharest can vary depending on personal preferences and the number of people attending. However, here’s a rough estimate:

Entrance Fees: Club entrance fees in Bucharest usually range from 50 to 100 Romanian Lei (€10 – €20) per person.

Drinks: The cost of drinks in clubs can vary, but expect to pay around 15-30 Romanian Lei (€3 – €6) for a beer or cocktail.

Bottle Service: If you prefer bottle service, prices can range from 300 to 1,000 Romanian Lei (€60 – €200) depending on the brand and size of the bottle.

Transportation: Consider budgeting for transportation to and from the clubs. Taxi/Car Sharing fares in Bucharest are relatively affordable, with an average cost of 2.00 Romanian Lei per kilometer (€0.45 per kilometer).

VIP Packages and Special Events: If you’re interested in VIP packages or attending special events, prices can significantly vary. It’s best to contact the clubs directly or visit their websites for specific pricing details.

Overall, for a night out clubbing in Bucharest, a budget of around 200-500 Romanian Lei (€50 – €100) per person should be sufficient, depending on your preferences and spending habits.