Party ON™ is the premier Bucharest nightlife service catering exclusively to foreigners who chose our city to celebrate and party!

While we are the Bucharest nightlife experts, we are also specialized event planners. This includes all types of parties and events.


We help you feel welcome in Bucharest We offer the best possible tailored assistance from the planning stage until completion and to provide the personal touch which turns a service into an unforgettable memory. Therefore, we act as your local point of contact and dedicated host through our first-hand knowledge of destination and local suppliers so that your party trip can go as smoothly as possible. The best party experiences are provided by local experts like our team

Since 2013 we focused on being a true partner to our clients by offering consistently exceptional quality, responsiveness, customization and value.

Experience you can trust, service you can count on!

🎯 SERVICE TARGET: Who is it for?

Party ON is devoted to the safe and high quality entertainment of tourist groups visiting Bucharest!

This is especially suited for closed groups who are looking for an intimate, fun, get-together kind of weekend out. Groups who chose our city to celebrate and party!

  • Bachelor party/Hen party
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations
  • Guys Getaway

Party ON is devoted to the safe and high quality entertainment of male tourist groups visiting Bucharest!

Benefit from the services of a private guide, exclusive to you and your friends

Enjoy hassle-free trip with our careful arrangements from the very beginning to the end.

Make the most of your limited time in Bucharest


⏳ YOU respect and value your time

👌 YOU want a stress-free, successful and enjoyable experience when visiting Bucharest

🛎 YOU want a tailor made quality assistance

⚡️How we can help you:

We plan and guide your Event and help you feel welcome in Bucharest. We are pleased and proud to assist with our local insight and customized online or in-person support.

Whatever your needs for organizing the trip, whether you want to do it yourself or have Bucharest PartyON manage your entire party event, we are ready to help with our expert advice, friendly approach and personalized service in order for you to feel welcome to Bucharest!

⚡️We support our guests in different ways:

💻 One-on-one video consultation and support: real time personal online assistance.

🗣 Host assigned to your group: in-person complete assistance and concierge support.

🗣 💻 Combined online personal assistance with Host accompanied service: we design our services around you, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind.

👉 Travel Planning& Assistance Virtual Travel Concierge- 2 days subscription- ONLINE ASSISTANCE

👉Party Planning Organizing your weekend event: we design our services around your needs, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind- IN PERSON COMPLETE ASSISTANCE AND CONCIERGE SUPPORT

👉 Planning and booking a single experience at your choice and based on your needs: maybe you don’t actually need a dedicated party planner, but still need help with the things you lack the expertise, contacts or time to arrange yourself. This gives you much more flexibility: buy only the service you need at the price you can afford, one service option at a single price- IN PERSON COMPLTE ASSISTANCE/ONLINE ASSISTANCE

⚡️Service Advantages:

 👉 SAFETY- Party ON is devoted to the safe and high quality entertainment of male tourist groups visiting Bucharest!

👉 LOCAL KNOLEDGE- We are Local Experts and will provide to you, as a professional hosting company, the very best service and the most memorable authentic experience.

👉 TIME, ENERGY AND COST SAVING- Essentially, we provide a one stop shop for sorting out everything for your Bucharest Event. You are more in control of what has been requested, how much and at what price, you also know what is to be delivered.

👉 RISK FREE GUARANTEE! 100% Money Back for our Service

👉 CONVENIENT CANCELATION POLICY! You may cancel your booking at any time 7 days in advance. No hassle. No questions asked.

 ⚡️Service Benefits:

 ✔️HASSLE FREE we take away the guesswork and hassle of organizing it all, allowing you to focus on having fun.

✔️SUCCCESFULL and ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE when visiting Bucharest

✔️HELP YOU FEEL WELCOME in Bucharest and a more authentic experience


👍We are dedicated to offer the best tailored assistance and deliver Hassle Free Experience

👍 We plan and guide your Bucharest Event and help you feel welcome

👍 For us ‘going extra mile’ comes as a standard. We do not want to meet our client’s expectations, we take pride in our reputation for exceeding it.

Should I Hire PartyON❓ YES! Here’s why

PARTY ON Hassle Free Bucharest Experience

We started this business for the tourists to benefit of quality service, support and enrich their travel experience locally.

👉 We help you feel welcome in Bucharest ⇒ we understand your challenges involved with traveling in a foreign country ⇒ you’ll experience Bucharest’s best without the uncertainties and hassles, feeling comfortable in your new environment.

👉 We offer to manage your agenda and to better control the unexpected ⇒ overpayment, tourist traps, language gap ⇒ making sure your time is as optimized as possible

👉 We take away the guesswork ⇒ keeping you away of feeling overwhelmed and confused by the quantity of information available online ⇒our local expertise, knowledge and practical insight will lead to specific recommendations adapted to your travel budget and preferences

⚠️Save yourself the time and uncertainty by letting us plan your next Bucharest party!

What sets us apart:

When you choose PartyON, you’re choosing a service that goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. Experience the difference for yourself and join our growing list of satisfied clients.

✔️Service Structure-Innovative Phygital service customized online or in-person support.

✔️Client Approach-We ensure that you receive a stress-free, successful and enjoyable experience

✔️Local Expert Company-We cater for tourists with our local insights

✔️100% Money Back Guaranteed-If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied!